Data analytics and modelling solutions for researchers, consultants and brand owners

The Analytics Hub


The Analytics Hub is a company set up to help clients with issues around data and statistics.


Our focus is on market research, customers and marketing. Our expertise is in taking difficult sets of data and turning them into findings that immediately click with clients, giving them insight and ideas that will benefit their businesses.


We approach projects in a consultative way. Analytical techniques can be challenging for non specialists, so we keep the explanations simple and focus on the business issues.


For more of a flavour of the work we do, have a look around the What We Do section of our site.


If you have a project you’d like to talk through, or just want to find out more, call us on 020 7843 9777 or drop us a line at

Accessible Expertise

We use analytics and statistics to solve problems and get insights and value out of data. We work with survey data, customer data, behavioural information, sales data and government statistics.



Choice-Based Conjoint Modelling


Modelling Segmentation